Rahel Anne BailieRahel Anne Bailie is the principal of Intentional Design, and bringssubstantial business, communication, and instructional design experience to her projects, where she and a select group of professional partners help organizations create and better manage their communication products.

Her focus on performance improvement means beginning with an analysis of business goals and ensuring that any improvements support those goals.

Rahel has many years of experience in the areas of content development and user experience environments, including environments producing localized and/or internationalized content. She understands the complexities of content architecture and flows, and synthesizes her findings to match business requirements to user need.

A self-identified geek, Rahel is drawn to technology like a moth to flame, and embraces technologies that serve to improve the performance of communication products and the processes to create and maintain them. She was elected Fellow of the Society of Technical Communication in 2009, is involved in a number of content strategy communities, and holds memberships in related professional associations such as the Information Architecture Association and User Experience Professionals Association, as well as local groups such asVanUE, in order to keep current in pertinent practice areas. She is also the co-producer of Content Strategy Workshops.

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