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Intentional Design Inc (IDI) is a micro-consultancy focusing on performance improvement for communication products. The core practice area is the development of targeted content strategies, which touch on the interrelated areas of content development (structured content for multi-channel publishing, Web content, and social media), user-centered design (business and user analysis, persona and scenario development, information architecture, and usability assessments), and content management consulting (Web and Component Content Management).

Behind content strategy is solid understanding of the business objectives – for the improvements to be effective, they must fulfill the need that calls for improvements to be made. This is coupled with an understanding of the users and their tasks – knowing how specific user groups interact with the system ensures that the technology functions efficiently and effectively. By relating all decisions to business objectives and user needs, the business value of the improvement project becomes the lens through which all activities are focused.

IDI has been an incorporated company since 2002, and has experienced steady growth, both in increasing the geographic scope of market and the size and complexity of projects undertaken. The IDI client roster includes world-class organizations that span industries such as aviation, health care, medical devices, consumer electronics, online retail, online wholesale, transportation, software development, tourism, localization, higher education, journalism, natural resources, engineering, and financial services. IDI plans to continue providing content strategy, user-centered design, and content management consulting services to clients that want to improve their ROI of their content assets.

Services offered by Intentional Design
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