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Published on December 15th, 2009 | by Rahel Bailie


Managing Your Brand Online: Two Workshops

Two more workshops are in the cards for Jan. 2010, helping professionals manage their online brands with the responsible use of social media. One is downtown; the other in Surrey. Locations and registration information is at the end of this post.

Feeling left behind when it comes to new technologies? Do you know instinctively that you should establish a public professional presence but don’t know where to start? Do you want to expand your professional network, and access to people with incredible expertise?

One way to increase your corporate value is to ensure that you have a strong and easily-identifiable personal brand. It’s not enough simply to have good references or have no embarrassing pictures on Facebook.

Whether it be to the corporation that employs you, or a professional practitioner demonstrating your potential to clients, your brand forms an impression before you hit the meeting room, and extends far beyond the resume.

Creating and protecting your personal brand is an important career strategy, and not just for independent consultants. An online professional presence has become the single most important self-marketing tool for demonstrating expertise and professional credibility. Learn to use social media in a smart, responsible, career-enhancing way.

Is this workshop is for you?

This workshop will be helpful if you:

  • Don’t have your own website or blog or aren’t posting to it regularly
  • Don’t have a LinkedIn profile or aren’t actively using it to build your personal brand
  • Don’t have a Twitter account, or have one but aren’t sure how to use it effectively
  • Wonder whether social communities (Facebook, MySpace, Ning) are useful for you
  • Want to use social media without it becoming a waste of time
  • Want to put technology to work for you without making big mistakes along the way
  • Want to take pride in your presence online for your career, practice, or small business

Participants will learn:

  • The six basic aspects of personal brand management
  • How to create a distinctive, unforgettable brand
  • Techniques for presenting an integrated brand
  • Tools that can help to easily manage a personal brand

January 16, 2010 workshop, co-sponsored by STC Canada West Coast
Location: Downtown Vancouver >> Register online

January 30, 2010 workshop, sponsored by Intentional Design
207-14888 104th Ave, Surrey >> Register by email or pay through PayPal

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About the Author

Rahel Anne Bailie is a synthesizer of content strategy, requirements analysis, information architecture, and content management to increase the ROI of content. She has consulted for clients in a range of industries, and on several continents, whose aim is to better leverage their content as business assets. Founder of Intentional Design, she is now the Chief Knowledge Officer of London-based Scroll. She is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, she has worked in the content business for over two decades. She is co-author of Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits, and co-editor of The Language of Content Strategy, and is working on her third content strategy book,

3 Responses to Managing Your Brand Online: Two Workshops

  1. Another amazing workshop by Rahel Anne Bailie. Just you think that you know everything about online networking and social communities in the internet, Rahel proves you that there is more to learn!

    With her friendliness and her sense of humour, the 8hr workshop passes like 1hr lecture!!!

    Friendly reminder to future attendees:
    DO bring laptop to have maximum experience! 😉

    M.Yigit Karakilic

  2. Cynthia Loveman says:

    This was a great workshop. Even if you only use email and navigate on the internet, you can learn to do so much more in a single day!

    Rahel walks you through step-by-step on how to develop a presence on the web and how to maximize that presence to fit your needs. Rahel has stories and examples that illustrate her points, and has exercises so that learners apply their new knowledge immediately.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the class and have developed new confidence.

    Thank you!

    Cynthia Loveman

  3. Jackie Lee-Son says:

    I’m very pleased I took this workshop – Rahel is a definite authority on social media and relays the information in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way. I learned so much about the tools for effective branding and am eager to put my new knowledge into action. Thank you Rahel!
    Jackie Lee-Son

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